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Provide the highest event experience to your attendees without the need of downloading an app

Why would you build expensive apps for your conference that no one will ever download?
Get the same functions, and give them to your audience with only a shortlink! No more downloads!
You can even reach your audience after the conference with a 95% open rate.
Give the best conference experience to your audience!

Conference Chatbot

No need to download apps

Seamless user acquisition with only a shortlink! Almost no one downloads apps anymore, but everyone gets to a link easily!

Increase income

Give special offers to your audience with 95% open and 35% click-through rate during your event! No more expensive printed media!

More features, lower price

Customizing your Conference Chatbot is not only faster, but much cheaper than an app. And you can still get a better User Experience!

Using Chatbotize provides the most seamless user acquisition, platform independence and very fast development

What can a Conference Chatbot do exactly?

Start using it by looking up a short link

You'll get a short link for your Conference Chatbot, just like If one looks up this link, they'll immediately get the full feature set of your event assistant chatbot. No downloads, users will be acquired seamlessly.


Event agenda and general information

Users will be able to check the agenda at anytime during the event! They get detailed information about all the programs and their speakers, just like if they would check it on a website. There could be images attached to all of the programs and all of the speakers. Programs and speakers are logically connected in the Chatbot.

RSVP to programs, get notified before starting

Everyone can check programs which they are interested in. People will also get notified in a personal message before their pre-checked programs are starting. No one will miss an important program, and no one will get bothering and unwanted notifications.

Gather feedback like never before

Optionally you can gather fast feedback of your programs by asking people whether they liked the program or not. They'll only get this feedback inquiry, if they prechecked the particular program. You are also able to send out an interactive query after the event, and you'll get all the answers in a sheet.


Send out offers with 95% open-rate

Optionally you can send out offers as personal messages to your audience. You can also define targets, for example sending an offer only to people who've been to a specific program. Messenger has a 35% open-rate, which can lead you much bigger conversion rates than what you got used to. You can also partner up with your exhibitors and sell your offer messages as advertisement places.

Custom design tailored to your brand

You can determine what should be the profile picture, the cover and the greetings message. You can provide general information, FAQ for the event like WiFi address, venue inside map and parking information. Your assistant will be fully tailored to your brand and to your event.

Contact with the audience

Users will be able to send you emails directly to your address via Facebook Messenger. Thus they can easily get in contact with the organizers.

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