3 Steps Guide to Increase Sales with Chatbot Marketing

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Scaling up your Online Marketing

Acquiring new clients or generating more sales with online marketing is one of the most scalable and calculable one of today’s business methods. Thanks to social media, online marketing has become available to everyone. However, even if it seems easy to manage, generally speaking, there are two key challenges in the lifetime of an online marketing boosted business:

  1. Launching it, and increase its momentum in order to make it an operating and scalable business
  2. When you reach the limits of your target audience, it’s hard to scale up with the existing marketing channels

I don’t just talk about webshops. These days webshops and offline businesses like car dealerships, hairdressers, dentist and others all have online marketing in their businesses and they are doing the exact same methods in the online world. Whatever you sell, even if sales happens online or offline, lead generation should be scalable for you. But what if lead generation becomes just too expensive?

Solution for continuously increasing Cost per Leads

Cost per leads will also continuously increase on Facebook and AdWords and this doesn’t help your work.

So when you are at these critical points, in order to sell more in your webshop, the best thing you can do is trying new channels where reaching leads are still cheaper, and you can more likely buy their attention.

Messenger Chatbots are here to bring your Leads Cheaper

In the last 2 years, as a Chatbot agency we’ve been working on several chatbot projects and experienced a very interesting pattern. A formula that works for selling literally anything online. We applied it to webshops, startups, car dealers, influencers, beauty salons and insurers.

No matter it was a product or a service they sold, no matter sales actually happened online or offline, and no matter how big their company was, the formula was the same and generated more leads than anything else.

Messenger marketing is the single best platform to buy your leads attention

Why am I saying that? Messenger has 95% open-rates and around 30% click-through rates. It is 5-10 times bigger than email has! Users pay valuable attention to Messenger and businesses leverages this. I don’t speak about spammy and annoying marketing messages. Noone wants to get them, and only low-ability marketers applies these kind of empty spam messages. No, we have to esteem 95% open-rate and the free remarketing capability of Messenger. And we do that with a selling formula that the users also love, and in the meantime it’s generating crazy amounts of leads, cheaper than anything else now in social media. So how does this formula look like?

The first step: arousing desire with a bait product

The first thing you’ll need to do is finding out what you can give to your leads for free or for a no-brainer price like 2 dollars. You have to arouse a strong desire in your target audience!

In order to do that the copy of the social ad has to be created carefully. It’s suppose to be unique and suppose to solve a problem for your leads!

We have to find the goals that our audience would love to achieve, and we provide reachable solutions and value for them

As a Chatbot agency, one of our clients offered free nutrition tips for getting in a good shape and be healthier. It was a click to Messenger ad, and it generated click-throughs for some cents only. It leaded to our Messenger chatbot. Here’s how the ad itself looked like:

Second step: qualify your leads in a conversational way!

The user clicked on your ad and it opens up Messenger. Not a website, but yes, Messenger. On your website approximately 95% of your leads wouldn’t do but abandon your site. What a waste! You won’t know anything of that 95%! Probably a few of them subscribed to your newsletter, but you won’t be able to reach most of them personally!

Instead we’re leading them into Messenger. And tadaaa:

You’ll get to see their profiles instantly from your inbox! All of them! Not 5%, but 100% of them! You’ll know your audience personally!

Then start an automated conversation with the help of your chatbot. Your leads will love it, they feel it as a personal thing, because come on, you’re in their Messenger inbox! This conversation between the Messenger Chatbot and the lead will segment and qualify them. You’ll now a bunch of data that you can use further automatically to create buyer personas or qualify your leads for your service!

It looked like this in our client’s Messenger chatbot:

Third step: follow-up and remarketing for free with Messenger

And I am not talking about silly and uncreative messages like “Hey, there’s a 20% discount only in the next hour”. It’s annoying, won’t generate more sales in a long-term, because you cannot build up a good and satisfied group of customers.

I am talking about constantly educating your leads with conversations that contains real value for them! They will check and read their messages with a 95% rate, and it’s a key to not lose their attention with silly messages, because they really have power, unlike emails. So you have to design automated conversations after you have given the bait (free value, or entry product) for your leads.

Studies say that 10-15 touchpoints are needed to make between an average person and a brand to make a decision to buy. Messenger is far the most easiest way to utilize it.

Summing up: 3 Steps Guide to Increase Sales with Chatbot Marketing

  1. Arouse a desire in your customers and offer an easy and cheap solution to their problem. One that will truly help, but not fully. This is your bait, or bait product, which they will click for.
  2. After clicking, Messenger opens up for them, and in Messenger, you can segment, filter out and qualify your leads with a well-crafted automated conversation. You can make different buyer personas, filter out your quality leads, or just collect data about them.
  3. The initial conversation make them engaged, and then you can give them your free value. Then apply free broadcast messages to retarget them with valuable and educational content and start building up your value ladder!

Are you not familiar with building Messenger chatbots?

We’re going to help you, just send us a message here and we’ll give tips for you on a free consultation!

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